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Turf spray calculator (units converter), Metric (SI) measurements

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Turf Spray calculator, English measurements

Objective:  Application of the correct rates of liquid fertilizers and pesticides.

 Question:  What is the spray rate from a traveling boom?
 Initial numbers in the blanks are provided as examples.  Replace with values you measure.
 1. Capture and measure the volume of spray coming out of the nozzles.
"The average output is milliliters per seconds per nozzle."
 2. Measure the distance between nozzles.
"The nozzles are centimeters apart on the boom."
 3. Time the equipment speed.
"The sprayer travels meters in seconds."
 4.   "The spray rate is liters per hectare."
 Question:  How much concentrated formulation must be used per tankful to achieve the labeled rate?
 1. Enter the spray rate from above, or from another source.
"The spray rate is liters per hectare."
 2. Enter the volume of the tank.
"The tank is liters."
 3. What is the desired application rate of  the concentrated formulation?
"The label says to apply liters per hectare."
 4.   "Put liters in the spray tank, equal to  millileters.
Incidentally, this will cover hectares."